Rio Azul Films is an independent production company that emerged in 2007 through the collaborative vision of Marcelo Scoccia and Francisco J. Paparella. With roots in both Argentina and Mexico, RAF was created with the intention of participating in films by promising novice directors, with special attention to aesthetics and innovative narratives.

Over time, we have grown to develop medium-budget films and have established various co-productions with Latin America and Europe. Our films have landed in recognized festivals, carving our path within the industry.

Specializing in the development of emerging directorial talent, Rio Azul Films actively participates in co-productions from Latin America to the world. Among our recent titles, standout works include "THREE BROTHERS," premiered at the 37th Mar del Plata Film Festival, winning the Special Jury Prize. Subsequently, it received the prestigious title of Best Film at the 45th Moscow Film Festival. "THE ONES BELOW," a co-production between Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, directed by Alejandro Quiroga, won the Best Performance award at the 37th Mar del Plata FF, and the Best Actor award at the 45th Moscow FIF. Additionally, our documentary "PORT DESIRE" directed by Juan Bugarín, debuted at the IDFA 2022 Film Festival.

Rio Azul Films focuses on narratives tinted with sordidness and realism.